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Published on March 1, 2011 By cassiangrey In Writing

Project Typist

Day 2.0 – Scheduling - The best laid plans... This is one of the major reasons I don' believe creating a schedule for writing is a functional system. Things come up; little things, important things and things that need to get done. While writing is important, and to a certain extent I consider it my job, there are tasks that must be completed in order to live. So today I didn't write. It isn't the first time and it won't be the last time I planned to work and something came up. In fact quite often something changes and things happen. It could be worse, there were previous situation when I had a writing schedule and people ignored it. Or at the very least didn't understand how disruptive it was to have a conversation as I'm trying to work.

But beyond every day life and circumstance interfering with mice and men, there is practicality. Yes, a regular writing time will help train my brain to start up on queue. It does in a sense impose an unwritten rule that you aren't allowed to write at any other time. Will writing off schedule ruin the mental training? Will all the good words and ideas get used before the designated time? Will writing too often burn me out? Will forcing myself to write when I have nothing to say degrade the quality of my work?

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