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Published on March 8, 2011 By cassiangrey In Writing

Project Typist

Sometimes nothing works out.

After a long time, a few interruptions and a lot of thought the system of scheduled writing needs to be more complex.  At least for this experiment.  The reality of life is that I can't say that every day I will be free from this time to this time.  Perhaps it's just my life but I think that isn't very likely.  I think that there is no guarantee for any artist that they can control the world.

Well... Other than ignoring it. And that works mighty fine.  I've written 2 books and created a dozen paintings by ignoring the world.  The trouble is that when you come back you find you've only pissed off your friends and family.

So the question is, how do you balance, control, flexibility, reality and disassociation?

Until then I'll be skipping the scheduled writing.

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