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Published on March 10, 2011 By cassiangrey In Writing

Project Typist

I've begun to believe that my current lifestyle is not cohesive with a regular schedule.  This makes it nearly impossible to set a consistent work time thus making it this section of the experiment impractical.  With that said, For me, schedule writing is a bad system to counter act writers block.

Even if I pretended that I had a normal day, coming home from work, having dinner then sitting at a desk to write, I still don't think its a good system.  The time that life interrupts this schedule I'd become angry and resentful of the who or why.  The time that I might be distract I'd feel like I wasted my time.  And just because you sit at a desk at the same time everyday doesn't mean you'll know what to type or have any ideas.  At the very best it's a good psychological way to trick your brain into thinking.  The thing for me is that I never have a problem thinking about new things, theorizing and coming up with project.  I have ideas that I'll never see done because I have too many ideas.

But fear not, this project goes on.  I'm skipping to the next one on the list: Exercise.  This system is based on the theory that increased blood flow to the brain will get you thinking.  Hopefully you've caught the fault (see above).  I was just saying that I have no shortage of thought.  Despite that I think this one might have some credibility.  It doesn't, however, have anything to do with blood flow.  I think that a brief exercise will help shut off the brain allowing you subconscious to go to work.  A large problem with writing and writer's block is over thinking.  Worrying about and focusing too much on something that is not a big deal and can be fixed later.

For this experiment I will do 50 jumping jacks ever 15 minutes.  I should note now that I have to reduce the experiment time to 2 hours due to lack of time in the day.  Since in the control I hadn't exceeded that 2 hour mark the numbers should be okay.  Though, you might argue that psychologically 3 hours might have made a difference.  So I'll repeat the control at the end.

P.s.  If you're wondering why theirs a delays between these project post it's because I have writer's block!

P.P.S  In case you didn't do the math that's 400 jumping jacks.

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