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Published on March 15, 2011 By cassiangrey In Blogging

Operation Blog

Seeing as how I'm riddled with writer's block I though it was about time to move on to stage 2 of this operation.

What is stage 2 you ask?  Stage 2 is what I call, "the first approach".  One can't expect people to come to you for no reason.  And while those with money might used advertisement I don't have money.  That leaves me with doing some foot work because (and this is going to sound a little too religious for my taste) give what you want to get.

So, for each blog account I will look for five other bloggers on that account and follow them actively.  This may be a little difficult since some of the accounts don't have any "follow" functionality.  The blogs I find should be interesting, with original content and contain something I'm interested in (also, I'm not going to take the easy out and pick a celebrity blog).

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