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Published on April 17, 2011 By cassiangrey In Writing

Where have I been?

Well, I was in Utah for a couple of day.  I've just barely recovered from the 11 hour drive there and 11 hours back.

So the question is have I been working on the book or the writer's block project.  The answer is no.  Have I been watching too much Netflix?  Is their too much Netflix.  I've been binging on horror flix, most of which were quite terrible, but a few decent ones.  If you're curious I can recommend a few.  The interesting and unexpected result... well not to unexpected be I'm often inspired by crappy writing-- anyway the result was a couple of ideas for some short stories.  Hopefully I can get to them all before I forget them.  I don't tend to post stories in blogs but if you ask nice I'll put it on my figment.com account.

Speaking of accounts.  I just went through my fineartamerica.com account and lowered all the prices of my paintings by 60%.  I have too many and I can't take them with me so I have to get rid of them, fairly quickly.  Some can go to the right home for a discount, not counting shipping.


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